Determination of Potential Soil Erosion Using Two Different Parametric Models and Making of Risk Maps in Madendere Watershed | Land Portal

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décembre 2015
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In many regions of the world, soil erosion is one of the main land degradations processes that reduce the soil productivity by removing fertile topsoil layers, thus decreasing levels of organic matter and the nutrients. Therefore erosion researches constitute an important part of the research on the soils. The erosion risk of soils can be evaluated directly carried out in the field, greenhouses or laboratory by means of some experiments or indirectly based on developing and applying models that gives risk expectations for large areas. The aims of this research are to determine soil erosion risk assessment using CORINE and LEAM models and to make comparison between them in Madendere watershed of Kocaeli-Kartepe district. According to analysis results, while it was found that about 53% of the total area has high level erosion risk according to CORINE model, approximately the same result was found from LEAM model and about 75% of the total area has between high and extreme erosion levels. On the other hand, there was difference between two models due to their using some different parameters and class. Moreover, models’ results showed parallel each other. It was found more than half of the total area has under high erosion risk. Therefore, basin soil has so sensitivity for soil erosion. Particularly, soil can be protected under forest land whereas, arable land and some pasture land located on high slope degree should be taken some measurement to protect soil against to erosion

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Kanar, Ekrem
Dengiz, Orhan

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