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décembre 2017
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The topic about shared real estate and ownership of landed property has become important only in the latest years. In connection with the rise of estate tax, the land’s cadastre value and the lease of land, the contradictions have also become more aggravated in shared real estate’s situations, which had occurred at some point when land reforms and privatization took place. Land owners cannot fully actualize their rights because of the land constraints, while apartment owners cannot fully cover disproportionately steep land lease payments of their apartment buildings, which, most often, have been attached to unreasonably big land units. The goal of this research is to analyse the most common situations regarding land, land under apartment buildings and compulsory land lease and their connection with the methodology of the real estate valuation, tendencies of the apartments` market values and crediting. The results were compared in order to define the differences of the lease payments, which are also affected by different peculiarities of the real estate parameters and structure.

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Muskate, R., Riga Technical Univ. (Latvia)
Tambovceva, T., Riga Technical Univ. (Latvia)


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