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décembre 2015
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The objective of the land legislation is to ensure the rights and interests of the subject in the land, which should be reflected in a clear legal regulation of procedures and conditions for seizure of land. According to the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 20.06.2003, all land should be used for its intended purpose. Use of land for the intended purpose means that the site should be used in accordance with the originally set goals - for agricultural production, housing, etc. The paper analyses the features of the application of the law of the land when considering land issues in Kazakhstan, considered the legal aspects and the implementation of land legislation, including the decision to land disputes, issues of private property rights, the need to protect the rights of citizens. Also is provided analysis of land relations, the emergence of new economic actors and arising in connection with these matters.

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Mursalimova, E., Kazakh National Agrarian Univ., Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Shaymerdenova, A., Eurasian Univ. of Technology, Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Parsova, V., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture, Jelgava (Latvia)


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