Relations entre utilisations et caractéristiques géographiques des parcelles en système bovin de montagne | Land Portal

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décembre 2012
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This study, which looked at 72 in traditional Salers system, shows there is a correlation between the use made of fields and the characteristics of these fields. The geographical characteristics and the use made of over 1,500 fields (cut and/or grazed fields) were described, mainly based on the statements made by farmers. Three groups of fields were identified (only cut fields, cut and grazed fields, only grazed fields) and in a second step, 15 types of fields uses were identified and described. The use made of fields was determined based on geographical criteria ranked in a specific order: slope, area, distance from main farm building and altitude. This analysis also provided an insight into the decision making process by which livestock farmers decided on the use of fields. These results may be used to develop a conceptual model for field use.

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Sibra, Cécile
Garcia-Launay, Florence
Molenat, H.
Agabriel, Claire
Brunschwig, Gilles

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