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Improved performance on land policies, in terms of formulation and implementation, is required for IGAD to deliver on cooperation among Member States. IGAD through this project with the Swedish Embassy seeks to improve the performance of the land administration function in the IGAD region moving these closer to convergence and enabling the implementation of cross border initiatives that have a bearing on land. This project intends to deliver the following four result:

  1. Enhanced Capacity Development of IGAD Region on gender responsive land administration.
  2. Strengthened gender mainstreaming in land administration for the IGAD Region.
  3. Strengthened Capacity of the IGAD Region to implement land monitoring.
  4. Strengthened IGAD Land Governance project coordination and Implementation.

This project focuses on documenting best practices and generating mode or prototypes on land administration and management that can be replicated or scaled up. The model/prototype generated are mainstreamed by gender and will be used as learning ground and adaptation for use by the IGAD Member States with the expectation that there will be increased systemic change in how land governance functions at Member States level.

With the Support from the Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa, the IGAD Land Governance Unit wants to develop Institutional Standards robust enough to support systems and procedures in land administration. This assignment will focus only on the Ministries responsible for lands and especially the land administration functions.



The aim of the Consultancy is to develop Institutional Standards robust enough to support systems and procedures in land administration. This assignment will focus only on the Ministries responsible for lands and especially the land administration functions.

The objectives of the assignment are to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in consultation with the relevant stakeholders identified above to facilitate efficient and effective land services delivery. This will comprise:

  1. Review of the existing land administration practices and procedures implemented by the Different IGAD Member States in a bid to identify the common threads and gaps including a gender analysis of the procedures and practices as well as the gender architecture of the land administration chain.
  2. Develop of gender responsive Standard Operating Procedures by defining and documenting processes, methodologies and respective workflows for land administration taking into account the different components.
  3. Conduct a validation of the SOP to a select representatives from the IGAD Member States.
  4. Present the SOP to the Sectoral Ministers responsible for Lands for adoption.



  1. Undertake a literature review of existing evidence in each of the IGAD Member States on the key elements of land governance (Land tenure land administration, land conflicts and dispute resolution, land use planning and management for both rural and urban land, valuation, taxation and compensation, public and state land management, institutional arrangements including decentralization, provision of public information, trusteeship over natural resources including extractives, oil &gas, land markets & financial services and; land for investment.) with a view of establishing common themes and threads that would frame the prototypical National Land Policy.
  2. Prepare an issues paper that clearly identifies the legal, policy, institutional and regulatory issues, bottlenecks, gaps and challenges that require to be addressed through a national land policy and propose recommendations that are gender responsive.
  3. Develop the model/prototypical gender responsive National Land Policy and present it for validation to the IGAD Member States.



A team made up of at least:

  • An International Consultant with experience in developing SOPs in developing countries. The International Expert with a post graduate or equivalent degree in project Management, Business Administration or Human Resources Management or other relevant discipline.
  • A Legal expert with at least 10 years of experience serving in a land administration agency or department
  • A Land Administration Expert with at least 10 years practical experience working in a relevant Government department or agency with demonstrated knowledge and experience in developing and/or overseeing the implementation of SOPs
  • A Gender Expert with experience in mainstreaming gender into government procedures and processes.


The Consultancy is for a total of 45 days spread over four months. The final product i.e. the movie as well as all the raw material and project files, should be delivered to IGAD no later than 30th March 2020.



The IGAD Land Governance Expert based at the IGAD HQs Djibouti will be the contact person for the duration of the assignment and will also provide relevant background documents and publications.



Remark:  It is important that the two consultants come from different IGAD Member States.

Each application should include the following:

  • Cover letter with the applicant’s current contact information including how the candidate’s previous experience matches the consultancy objectives as well as their interest for the position (not longer than two pages).
  • CV of consultants and professional references or letter of recommendation;
  • Samples of recent similar assignments.
  • The email must clearly state the assignment applied for and marked: “Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) mainstreamed by gender for standardized land services provision”.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • Women applicants are encouraged.


  • The deadline for submitting the applications  will be at or before 5:00pm on 15th November 2019 and address for submitting the offer will be:
  • The Expression of Interest and any request for clarification should be addressed to the following E-mail addresses:


Procurement Unit

Administration and Finance, IGAD Secretariat

Avenue Georges Clemenceau

P.O.  Box 2653

Djibouti, Rep. of Djibouti

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