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Bibliothèque Land In India: Issues and Debates

Land In India: Issues and Debates

Land In India: Issues and Debates

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Février 2020
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This report titled Land in India: Issues and Debates is part of an initiative under the aegis of India Land & Development Conference (ILDC) which has a long-term objective of bringing out an annual Status of Land in India volume. This report is a modest beginning in that direction by drawing on the works of ILDC partners to present a quick over view of some of the key developments and debates in India’s land sector. The report brings together 11key issues which currently engage the minds of the policy makers and researchers in India. The themes covered in the report are: the status of land records computerization, dynamics of land conflicts, forced evictions and displacement, challenges of implementing the LARR and the Forest Rights Act, emergence of land pooling as an alternative to the acquisition of land, under-utilization of land acquired for Special Economic Zones (SEZ), progress in urban housing, liberalization of land leasing laws, status of women’s land rights and tenure complexities of pastoral land. These themes are by no means exhaustive but we hope they do provide a quick overview of some of the key concerns around land as we enter the third decade of the 21st century. 

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