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mars 2015
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Agro-ecosystems in dry areas are sensitive to changes in climate
and land use. The productivities of these agro-ecosystems are
highly variable in both spatial and temporal scales. Accurate and
up-to-date information on these production systems at farmscape to
landscape scales are important for understanding the food security
and sustainability of socio-ecological systems. Due to lack of such
information, satellite remote sensing has been used to quantify the
land productivity and degradation dynamics of agro-ecosystems
under changing climate and land use. In this research, we provide
an overview of satellite and in-situ based observations and
modeling of land use dynamics, coupled with edaphic and climatic
factors in dryland production systems. Our efforts highlights recent
advances in satellite-based mapping and monitoring of an
integrated agro-ecosystems using time-series vegetation indices,
land use pattern, and vegetation photosynthesis model (VPM) to
understand the dynamics, pattern as an indicators for prioritizing
landscape for better interventions for sustainable developments.
Here we attempted to show initial results in the pictorial
representation of the outputs/outcomes at spatio-temporal scales
ranging from farmscape (<1m), landscape (5-30m), to nationalregional
(250-500mm) and global scale (1km).

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Biradar, Chandrashekhar Xiao, Xiangming Zhang, Geli Zhang, Yao Loew, Fabian Fliemann, Elisabeth Dong, Jinwei Wagle, Pradeep Conrad, Christopher de By, Rolf A. Sterk, Geert Ziadat, Feras M. Omary, Jalal Atassi, Layal Tulaymat, Mohammad Fawaz Vlek, Paul Le, Quang Bao Patil, Prashant Mahboob, Golam Singh, Murari Dosov, Botir Louhaichi, Mounir Bonaiuti, Enrico van Ginkel, Maarten Thomas, Richard

Agropolis International, formerly called Agropolis, is an association that was founded in 1986 by Louis Malassis and research and higher education institutes. It pools the scientific skills and expertise of the French Occitanie region in fields related to agriculture, food, biodiversity and environment. Its activities are oriented towards fostering the development of tropical and Mediterranean areas.

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