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Stacey Zammit,

Session 1: June 8th
Session 2: June 23rd
14:00-17:00 CET


In these difficult times, our well-being is dependent on so many different factors and chief amongst these is our right to reliable information. Over the past ten years, the Land Portal has been working to improve access to land-related data and information, which we believe is crucial for achieving good land governance

The upcoming LandVoc Community of Experts Workshop (June 8th and June 23rd 14h-17h CET) will focus on LandVoc, a linked land governance thesaurus consisting of 310 concepts  (derived from different sources).  These concepts are translated into multiple languages, thanks to the work of partners on the ground and experts colleagues all over the world. Once a tool like LandVoc is adoptedm pieces of information will be classified according to these concepts and thousands of isolated land related pieces of information will be bridged and linked to each other enabling the work of thousands of researchers, land practitioners and experts all over the world. We believe that LandVoc is an extremely powerful tool in making data and information more discoverable, by unlocking its potential! 

A community of approximately 20 experts will meet to contribute to the future development and uptake of this tool.  More specifically, the two-part virtual workshop will take place in the context of increasing the relevancy and use of LandVoc as a tool in order to enhance knowledge sharing and improve visibility and access to agricultural and land data worldwide. 


Tim Davies
Tim Davies
Consultant and facilitator working on projects that harness data, technology and collaboration for social change.


The objectives of the workshop include: 


  • Exploring the value of LandVoc for the land sector and how and where the community should focus on its uptake;
  • Formulating an action plan for upscaling uptake of LandVoc and continuing its enrichments;
  • Fostering a partnership and commitment with land experts to contribute to LandVoc and ensure it will be a useful tool for the land sector;
  • Define the modus operandi for the community of experts and criteria for LandVoc enrichments.

The workshop promises to be interactive, informative and results-driven. This workshop aims to be the first step in building an ongoing community on the subject matter.  






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