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AfricanLII liberates public legal information in Africa.

AfricanLII is a programme of the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit at the Department of Public Law, University of Cape Town. 

We help individuals, organizations, and governments build and maintain sustainable free access to law portals, and reach the people of Africa and beyond.  

We convene a network of 16 African LIIs - a collaborative group of organizations and individuals in Africa, dedicated to free access to law on our continent. 

Free Access to Law, or LII, websites are indispensable sources of legal information for the justice sector and citizens of the countries LIIs serve.  Often, there is no commercial alternative.  Read more in the Report of LII Usage in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  

We also provide a Pan-African legal search engine and host regional legal materials for free access. 

Our partners and AfricanLII subscribe to the principles of the Montreal Declaration on Free Access to Law

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