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Trifun Hadji Janev 4, 1000
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For the purposes of performing the works for establishment and maintenance of the real estate cadastre, the management of the geodetic-cadastre information system, as well as for establishment, maintenance and public access to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure is established the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre. The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre acts in the capacity of a legal person with its rights, liabilities and responsibilities as stipulated by the Law on Real Estate Cadastre and for its operation reports to the Government of R. Macedonia. AREC operates on the principles of legitimacy, expertise, efficiency, transparency, service orientation, professionalism and liability for its operation and the achieved results.

AREC’s responsibilities are:

  • establishment and management of geodetic-cadastre information system,
  • performance of basic geodetic works,
  • real estate survey,
  • registration of real estate rights,
  • establishment and maintenance of real estate cadastre,
  • geodetic works for special purposes of significance to R. Macedonia as defined by the Government of R. Macedonia,
  • production of state topographic maps,
  • administration of a Spatial Units Register,
  • establishment, maintenance and public access to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure,
  • upervision over the work of the sole proprietors–authorized surveyors and trade companies for geodetic works.

AREC is managed by a Steering Board, comprised of five members, each representing the Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Transport and Communication, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply.

AREC is managed by a Director which has its own Deputy.

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