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Australasian Legal Information Institute
Australasian Legal Information Institute
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AustLII is Australia's most popular online free-access resource for Australian legal information, serving the needs of a multitude of users with over 700,000 hits daily. AustLII is a joint facility of the UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law.

The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) provides free internet access to Australasian legal materials. AustLII's broad public policy agenda is to improve access to justice through better access to information. To that end, we have become one of the largest sources of legal materials on the net, with over four million searchable documents.

AustLII publishes public legal information -- that is, primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals); and secondary legal materials created by public bodies for purposes of public access (law reform and royal commission reports for example) and a substantial collection of law journals.



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Survey Co-ordination Act 1949.


The Act (22 sections) provides for the coordination of surveys and the establishment of a central plan office at the Department of Lands for the recording of surveys, plans and related information. To this end, the Surveyor-General is given powers to ensure coordination of surveys and the Act, and a central plan register is established. Public authorities are to give notice of intention to commence new surveys to the Surveyor-General. The Surveyor-General shall have the power to require connection of proposed surveys to existing surveys, permanent marks etc.

Surveyors Act 1929.


The Act (31 sections) is divided into 5 Parts, i.e.: Preliminary (I); Board of Surveyors (II); The Register (II); Registered Surveyors (IV); and Miscellaneous (V).The Board of Surveyors, constituted under this Act, keeps a register of surveyors and deals with offences of and charges against surveyors. The board shall cause a notification of the registration of every surveyor to be published in the Gazette. The Act contains the requirements to be a registered surveyor and describes the powers and duties of surveyors (right to make surveys, entry upon land).

Surveys Marks Act, 1902.


The Act (5 sections, 1 Schedule) sets out the official marks to be used by Government licensed or appointed surveyors in the conduct of official surveys. The use of the marks except in the conduct of an official survey is prohibited and liable to a penalty. Penalties for unauthorized defacement or destruction of survey marks, landmarks or beacons are also provided.