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Community Organizations Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University
Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University
Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University
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Our Mission

  • We create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge through research, teaching, and outreach.
  • We apply knowledge to help individuals lead more productive lives, and to assist in the development and improvement of firms, organizations, communities, and public institutions.
  • We seek to contribute to Michigan, the nation, and the world. We emphasize applied and disciplinary contributions especially to the economic and managerial effectiveness of firms in the food and agricultural sector, and to the sustainability of agricultural production, environmental resources, and rural communities.
  • As educators, we work with students, leaders, innovators and problem-solvers.
  • We are committed to excellence across all our programs, both domestic and international.



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Smallholder income and land distribution in Africa: implications for poverty reduction strategies

Décembre, 2000

It has been argued that many of the poverty reduction strategy papers pay insufficient attetion to the role of land access and land distribution in rural poverty. Redressing the inequalities between small-scale and large-scale farming sectots is likely to be an important element of an effective rural poverty reduction strategy in countries such as Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Promoting food security in Rwanda through sustainable agricultural productivity : meeting the challenges of population pressure, land degradation, and poverty / Daniel C. Clay ... [et al.]

Décembre, 1995

The objective of this technical paper is to shed insights on ways of reversing the spiraling decline of the land and the economy in rural Rwanda, with focus on the forces behind productivity decline in the Rwandan agricultural sector. The results are based on collaborative research between the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Michigan State University.Among the key findings are that Rwandan farmers need to sustain and intensify their farming by pro-tecting the soil against erosion.