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Diakonia is an international development organization with Christian values that works together with local partner organizations for sustainable change for the most vulnerable people in the world.

Diakonia is a faith-based Swedish development organization. We support and work with around 350 local partner organizations in 25 countries. Together with our partner organizations, we form a global network that works to ensure that more people are able to live dignified lives.

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In the provinces of Equateur and Mai-Ndombe, the private sector is accused of land grabbing when extracting natural resources and often exacerbate intercommunity land tenure conflicts. In this effect, this project aims to improve access to resources and livelihoods in equitable and sustainable ways for the most vulnerable groups, namely of women, youth and indigenous people. Thus, it will contribute to equitable sharing of wealth and natural resources, and to the economic empowerment of women.&nbsp

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Cambodia Indigenous People Organisation (CIPO) is a Cambodian non-governmental organization. It found in June 2014. CIPO’s aim is indigenous community has a sense of ownership and partnership in land and sustainable natural resources management to ensure well-being of economy, society, culture and reducing poverty, discrimination. CIPO’s objectives are to increase awareness, capacity and legal assistance of indigenous people and to collectively organize communities to advocate for their rights.

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The Church and Community Human Rights Development under SDSU supports local churches in 13 provinces focusing on ethnic minorities and migrant workers who encounter problems on legal personal status, land rights, migrant rights with approximate number of 14,625 people in 63 communities. This obstruct them from accessing to governmental services/welfare and do not received social & economic justice in utilizing natural resources.


The Kongo-central Province has been exploited for its natural resources since colonial times, including forest, oil and limestone. This has exposed the region to drought and pollution. It raises the issue of land grabbing, land tenure disputes and the lack of responsibility by private enterprises. In this context, this project aims to promote the rights of local communities affected by the exploitation, focusing in particular to improved access to basic social services. In addition, it aims to contribute to reducing community based conflicts and promoting climate justice.

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This Project aims to make stronger the social structure for the promotion, defense and claim of Human Right under a context of conflict and violence because of the defense of land rights and natural resources in the Bajo Aguan Region, it will also enhance the capacities and skills of Aguan’s social organizations and movements for the promotion and legitimation of the defense of Natural Resoruces, Human Rights and protection of threatened HRD.

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