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The Forest Products Society is an international not-for-profit technical association founded in 1947 to provide an information network for all segments of the forest products industry. Learn more about the Society's history. Membership is open to all interested individuals and organizations.

Society members represent a broad range of professional interests including private and public research and development, industrial management and production, marketing, education, government, engineering and consulting. The Society convenes technical conferences, produces several journals including the peer-reviewed Forest Products Journal and publishes books on topics of relevance to the forest products industry.

The Forest Products Society also functions as the distributor for the technical publications of the American Wood Council, which constitutes an invaluable information resource on wood construction for engineers, architects, builders and building code regulators. Topics include engineering data, state-of-the-art design technologies and construction standards.


To be the international leader for advancing the sustainable use of renewable cellulosic resources through science and technology.


Contribute to global stewardship by encouraging the social, economic and environmentally sustainable use of wood and other renewable cellulosic materials.


Implement the Mission and provide value to members and partners by:

  • Leading the international exchange of scientific discoveries, innovation and technical knowledge,
  • Facilitating innovative and intelligent, contemporary use of renewable materials within architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and bioenergy communities,
  • Educating and shaping public opinion and policy about renewable materials through science-based knowledge,
  • Providing services to build the scientific knowledge base, ultimately resulting in technological advancements for end-users.

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Library Resource
Articles et Livres
décembre, 2014

Utilization of biomass from logging residues for renewable energy production depends on forest harvesting businesses. As biomass markets emerge, businesses will need to adapt to meet operational requirements. Logging businesses that supplied biomass for energy production in Virginia were surveyed regarding operations and attitudes. Results show that businesses across a broad range of total production levels (150 to 6250 tons/wk) harvested biomass and roundwood using integrated harvesting operations with whole tree chippers. Businesses had produced biomass an average of 6.8 years.

Library Resource
Articles et Livres
décembre, 2014

The average forest landowner in Wisconsin owns fewer than 30 acres, and in 2014, landowners with as few as 10 acres of forestland were eligible to enroll in a tax program that required periodic timber harvests. These factors point to a need for loggers capable of profitably harvesting small parcels of timber. A series of in-person interviews were conducted with representatives of 15 Wisconsin logging firms previously identified as successful at harvesting small parcels of timber. Ninety-two percent of mechanized loggers had harvested parcels of 10 acres and smaller within the past year.

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