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Aims to make policymakers and on-the-ground development managers aware of the latest and best in British development research findings. Offers policy-relevant findings on critical global development issues, drawn from over 40 major UK-based economics and social studies departments and think-tanks, together with a wide range of NGO research departments and consultants.

Service is divided into sectors:

  • Society and Economy
  • Health
  • Education
  • Urban Poverty

Provides email highlights service. Also hosts the online version of Insights periodical.

Funded by DFID, the UK national aid agency.

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Many water resources in Mexico run through indigenous areas. Mexican governments have often made management decisions on the basis of perceived economic needs, rather than concern for the people and ecosystems involved. This trend continues today, despite recent agreements with indigenous groups over water use.Up to 10 percent of Mexico’s population are indigenous
people. They are reliant on water resources running through their territories
and face major challenges as a result of government management policies. Research

Library Resource

The forced resettlement of river basin communities because of dam construction is a highly controversial process. It can be justified only if plans are implemented to enable resettlers to raise their living standards. They should be involved in all stages of project decision-making including project identification and, if a dam is selected, in project planning, implementation and monitoring.In the past,
people could express their concerns about dams and resettlement schemes to
project authorities, but this rarely had much impact. Today, the preferred

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