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India Environment Portal
India Environment Portal
Civil Society Organization
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Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
Phone number
(91) (11) 29955124, 29956110, 29956394, 29956399


Institutional Area
New Delhi
Postal address
Centre for Science and Environment
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area New Delhi-110062, India
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The India Environment Portal is initiated and managed by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) promoted by the National Knowledge Commission (NKC), Government of India.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is an independent, public interest organization, which uses knowledge for activism. The Centre was started in 1980, by India's top environmentalist, Anil Agarwal and continues to work to push, prod and argue for environmental management in the country. It believes it can and must make a difference.



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Joint Forest Management: Critical Issues

Journal Articles & Books
Décembre, 2008

The Joint Forest Management circular that took the National Forest Policy (1988) as its basis for people’s involvement in the development and protection of forests, issued more than 18 years ago, has failed in its attempt to utilise forest wealth to improve local livelihoods. The structure of the JFM is skewed towards the forest department and needs to be balanced with equal opportunities and rights to the participating communities.

Author pesents the critical issues of Joint Forest Management in this article.