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Journal of Geography, Political and Society is an interdisciplinary journal which accepts articles from a broad range of widely understood social sciences (socio-economic geography, sociology, political sciences, economics, administration, public safety, cultural anthropology, demography, public health, etc.). We publish articles on the situation or changes taking place around the world, but the journal especially focuses on countries of Central Europe and the countries of the former USSR.

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Foreign Direct Investment in Armenia
Articles et Livres
décembre, 2017

After the fall of the Soviet Union and regaining its independence, Armenia has begun a process of systemic transformation. The level and pace of socio-economic development has been influenced by internal situation as well as by country’s geopolitical position and its relations with foreign partners. The purpose of this article is to present general characteristics of foreign direct investment that has been present in Armenia since the 1990s. The author describes several key factors shaping the volume, geographical, proprietary and sectoral structure of the FDI inflows.

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