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Community Organizations Springfield Centre
Springfield Centre
Springfield Centre
Private sector
Phone number
44 191 383 1212


4 Saddler Street
County Durham
United Kingdom
Working languages

Our work is aimed at development policy and practice. This includes the design and assessment of interventions in sectors ranging from agriculture to finance and education to media, and in the wider business environment. In all our work we seek to marry a strong operational perspective with knowledge of the development context and a commitment to wider development objectives. Our work covers Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

We’ve been working in development now for over twenty years, and have seen incredible changes in policy and practice. We believe development should be transformative. Our work tries to improve the systems that help poor and disadvantaged people to get the goods, services, jobs, and incomes that they need to improve their lives without the need for further development assistance. In practice that means analysing the way systems – comprised of private, public, and civil society organisations – work, and then stimulating innovations – led by these local actors – in products, services, and relationships to benefit poor and disadvantaged people.



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