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Community Organizations Well Grounded
Well Grounded
Well Grounded
Private sector
Phone number
+33 7 82 43 53 70


27 Dingley Place
United Kingdom
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The idea behind Well Grounded came from the experience of the two founder members. Cath Long and Iola Leal had both been working for a long time with civil society organisations in tropical countries that focussed on community rights and the sustainable management of natural resources. And although they both met many inspirational and dynamic individuals and groups who were doing extraordinary things, they realised that these same people and groups kept running up against barriers that stopped them from scaling up what they were doing and having the impact they hoped for. The organisation development services that we offer to our clients are tailored to each one’s particular needs. This often requires helping clients to think through and prioritise the many issues they are dealing with internally and then to come up with strategies and tactics that will enable them to tackle them. Well Grounded also facilitates links and exchanges with other organisations in the region or internationally to enable peer-to-peer learning and mentoring.


Well Grounded provides organisation development by offering facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring to address priorities that we and our clients identify together. This support can range from a session of a few hours or days to several sessions over several months. Well Grounded works directly with clients face-to-face and also offers advice and support at a distance.