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Community / Land projects / From Commitment to Practice (C2P)

From Commitment to Practice (C2P)



09/16 - 03/19


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The C2P project aimed to support  the operationalization of private sector commitments to addressing land rights by working closely with  a leading private sector company, Illovo Sugar, to apply VGGT principles to company practice, including  and piloting the application of VGGT-based Analytical Framework for Due Diligence of Agricultural Land-based Investments in sub-Saharan Africa (AFDD) in three countries, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.


The principal outcomes were:

  • Illovo land champions were selected in each country sensitised and trained  on land rights and responsible land investment issues, and in the use of the AFDD tool
  • Independent civil society partners were selected to work in partnership with Illovo staff, and relations of trust and professional collaboration established.
  • A customised tool LandAssess tool was developed for application in due diligence of Illovo’s existing investments, smallholder supply chains and plans for possible expansion, and in monitoring land issues across the company’s operations. This tool uses the VGGT based analytical framework as a foundation and can be adapted and applied relatively easily by other companies to meet their specific needs. 


  • Field assessments were made of land rights issues in Illovo operations in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania using the LandAssess tool. 
  • As a result Illovo is now  better equipped to achieve responsible investments across its Operations, and has developed a new land strategy adapted to its different operational sites and supply chains. Illovo has become regarded as a pioneer amongst companies in this respect.
  • A range of learning and dissemination materials were produced and disseminated within Illovo and amongst interested stakeholders, including through a social media outreach campaign 

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