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By: Ian Scoones Date: October 24th 2016 Source: The Zimbabwean Maphisa in Matobo district in Matabeleland has transformed from its early days as a TILCOR (Tribal Trust Land Development Corporation) growth point linked to the nearby Antelope farm estate. Like Mvurwi and Chatsworth that I profiled
By: Ruth Tene Natsa Date: June 15th 2016 Source: The Leadership One of the key challenges to the development of the nation’s agro sector is the  country’s ageing farming population. Ruth Tene Natsa writes on the need to encourage  youths to go into agriculture as a business.
By: Daily Times Editorial Board Date: November 9th 2016 Source: DelMarvaNow OPINION Agricultural land makes up a substantial and important portion of Maryland's lower Eastern Shore, and the Maryland Farm Bureau is a vital advocacy organization for farmlands, farmers and poultry growers.
Tiempo Muerto, or “The Dead Season,” visits sugar plantations across the Philippines, when many farmers struggle with hunger and deprivation because there’s no work during this off-milling period of the year. The season can be so brutal on farmers that more than a quarter of a million people—a
By: Richard Hackett Date: August 31st 2016 Source: The Normally at this time of year, while the harvest is still being wrapped up, thoughts rapidly turn to the next cropping season.
The CPLP has initiated the creation of common draft guidelines to support Family Farming.  These guidelines will identify priority issues and will support the Member States`  effort to develop a sustainable agriculture to combat hunger and poverty efficiently. The Zero Draft is already available
By: Bekezela Phakathi Date: September 8th 2016 Source: BD Live GOVERNMENT is intensifying its drought relief efforts amid fears that hundreds of commercial farmers will be forced to shut up shop as their rising debt reach crisis levels.
By: Mike Cohen and Eric Ombok Date: February 24th 2016 Source: Business Day Live JOSEPHINE Mbinya bends from the waist to pluck beans from the black soil on her smallholding south of Nairobi. She throws them in a heap on the side of the field.
By: Gabriella Mulligan Date: September 23rd 2016 Source: BBC News Farming can be a tough enough business at the best of times, but imagine not being able to prove that the land you farm is even yours. In Ghana, for example, only 10% of smallholder farmers have any kind of certificate documenting
By: IPS Date: April 13th 2016 Source: Caribbean 360 SANTIAGO, Chile, Thursday April 13, 2016, IPS – Rural women in Latin America continue to face serious obstacles to land tenure, which leave them vulnerable, despite their growing importance in food production and food security.
By: Carl Collen Date: October 6th 2016 Source: Eurofruit Witzenberg PALS helps empower agri-workers and play a role in South African land reform A dedicated group of Ceres-based growers in South Africa have prioritised black empowerment and land reform as they look to secure future food
By: Associated Press Date: May 28th 2016 Source: Santa Fe New Mexican / Associated Press SOC TRANG, Vietnam — When the rice shoots began to wither on Lam Thi Loi’s farm in the heart of the Mekong Delta, a usually verdant region of Vietnam, she faced a hard choice: Let them die in the parched

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