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6 January 2023

The Punjab government is starting a new land record system, but the revenue record of 460 mouzas (villages) in the district of Rawalpindi is still incomplete.

Land documentation lacking in former Bangladeshi enclave
31 October 2022

Over 14,000 persons who had chosen to stay back in India and embraced Indian citizenship instead of returning to Bangladesh are grappling for seven years to get proper documents of their land.

13 July 2022

The Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation has issued the "Working Policy on Registration, Use, and Leasing of Government Land, 2022" to systematise the record-keeping of government lands.

Medici Land Governance
4 July 2022
Cape Verde

LANDac International Conference 2022 Session Summary

5 June 2022

LONDON: A British Pakistani family from Birmingham has complained to Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab that their land worth tens of millions of Rupees has been taken over fraudulently by three men with powerful connections.

15 November 2021

Land disputes are one of the contested issues inherited the tribal districts, but after the merger, it has been constantly erupting into violence due to the government’s inactiveness. These disputes could be broadly categorized as 1) between individuals, 2) between tribes, 3) and government and the locals.




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  1. “Food Hinterland System” and its nucleus of the distributed Digital Product Passport (dDPP) for food value chains
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Our concepts and services are synergetic with the swelling data-driven ESG policy stream and reflect existing, grown but sometimes transforming multi-level governance constellations.

Land and Development Expertise Center, LADEC, is a Burundian social enterprise working to promote sustainable rural development and social justice through good governance of land and landed resources. LADEC started in 2018, capitalizing on the strong experience of its founding members in localized land registration. For the time being, its action focuses mainly on research, capacity building and project administration in land governance, land-related conflict and gender issues analysis and management.

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Established in 1956, NCAER is India’s oldest and largest independent, non-profit, economic policy research institute. Six decades in the life of a nation is a long time. It is even longer in the life of an institution. But the promise of NCAER—to ask the right questions, gather good evidence, analyse it well, and share the results widely—has endured. India has achieved much, and much remains undone. As the economy has changed, so too has NCAER, to continue to help understand India’s rapid economic and social transformation.

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