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Forest Landscape Restoration

Restoration is an urgent correction to the past and current global land degradation trends, to return forest cover, improve food security, and tackle climate change – among other goals. It has been estimated over 2 billion hectares of degraded land provide opportunities for forest and landscape restoration. In September 2011, world leaders launched global Bonn Challenge – a voluntary global initiative that aimed to restore 150 million hectares of degraded land by 2020. The global Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) movement is gaining momentum. Thus, it is important to clarify what FLR is, the concepts, opportunities, challenges and its future implications.

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In Bangladesh, a community comes together to save a life-giving forest

19 May 2022

Several tribal settlements are spread across Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region, each with its own communally managed forest that residents can use. But the unchecked exploitation of the once-rich forests, a consequence of population growth, has led to local water holes drying up,…

Land Cover Monitoring System For Nepal Launched

29 April 2022

The Forest Research and Training Centre (FRTC) is pleased to announce the launch of Nepal’s National Land Cover Monitoring System (NLCMS) to mark Earth Day. The system uses cloud computing and artificial intelligence to generate consistent data on how much of a region is covered by forests,…

Outcry in Malaysia as failure to replant forests sparks ‘cover-up’ accusation

15 April 2022

Critics of a government plantation scheme have slammed the program following revelations that only a fraction of forest reserves cleared for plantations over the past decade have actually been replanted. An investigation by environmental news site Macaranga found that only 5% of the 77,331 hectares…


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In the Philippines, community forestry can help the climate agenda, and vice versa

28 October 2021

In conversation with Heidi Mendoza The Filipino government can generate new momentum and resources for its longstanding community-based forest management programme, by placing it more centrally in its climate policies. This could benefit forest-dependent communities, but only if mistakes from the…

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CFS Side Event: How the VGGT have changed rural women's lives: Key strategies and innovations towards gender equality

15 October 2019

The purpose of the side event is to showcase key strategies and innovations that are contributing to gender equality in agriculture and land tenure in the context of the VGGT. It will present how collaboration among different stakeholders at national, regional and global level can support the…