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Indigenous & Community Land Rights

Estimates of the amount of land held in terms of customary and Indigenous systems of land rights vary widely across contexts. According to the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), communities and Indigenous Peoples are estimated to hold as much as 65% of the world’s land area under customary systems.

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"The world is dressing up in diversity."

6 June 2024

Interview with a same-sex couple who requested a joint title to formalize their property in Colombia.

Grant Solicitation: Support for Environmental Defenders

7 May 2024

ILRG II seeks concept papers for the Environmental Defenders Grant Fund, designed to support environmental defender organizations with the resources necessary to enhance their impact in addressing the land-related root cause of threats, and ensure the long-term sustainability of their vital work:…

Workers on the HCB oil palm plantations © H. Nicolaï, 1955. Courtesy: The Oakland Institute.

Colonialism Revamped in the Democratic Republic of Congo

21 April 2024

140 years ago this November at the Berlin Conference, Belgium’s King Leopold was recognized as the sole owner of the Congo Free State, a territory including the entirety of today’s Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Leopold’s reign was marked by slavery, millions of deaths, and widespread…


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Fighting for Land and Shade

7 May 2024

Razina is different.  Unlike most people in Madagascar, his skin is pale.  His hair is blonde and his eyes are a light shade of pink.  Razina has albinism. He became aware of just how different he was at a very early age.  When he arrived at school for the first time, all the other children teased…

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Customary Land & Forest Rights in the Mekong

Pathways to Customary Land & Forest Rights in the Mekong

2 July 2024

This webinar will present findings from research conducted by the Mekong Region Land Governance (MRLG) Program and its partners on the recognition and formalization of customary tenure rights across the Mekong region. It will highlight key themes from two important regional publications: "The…