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agrarian reform

Agrarian, or land, reform is confined to the redistribution of land; in a broader sense it includes related changes in agricultural institutions, including credit, taxation, rents, and cooperatives.

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La Declaración Final de la Conferencia sobre Reforma Agraria y Desarrollo Rural (CIRADR), celebrada en Marzo de 2006 en Porto Alegre, Brasil, ha inspirado las reflexiones iniciales:


ETC Group has been monitoring the power and global reach of agro-industrial corporations for several decades – including the increasingly consolidated control of agricultural inputs for the industrial food chain: proprietary seeds and livestock genetics, chemical pesticides and fertilizers and animal pharmaceuticals.

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O artigo analisa a “reforma agrária assistida pelo mercado” (RAAM) do Banco Mundial, abordando a sua racionalidade, a agenda política da qual fez parte e os resultados da sua implantação na África do Sul e no Brasil.

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This issue brief thus aims to:
• Contribute to enriching regional and national perspectives in
tackling China’s role in influencing policies and institutions of
other developing countries that are related to access to land and
tenurial security;
• Set a framework that will guide the research, the policy analysis,

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