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capacity development

capacity development

The process through which the ability of individuals and organizations to perform functions, solve problems and set and achieve sustainable objectives is developed and maintained over time

Source: UN Thesaurus

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Summary brief LAND-at-scale Iraq
Policy Papers & Briefs
January 2024

This one-pager provides details on the LAND-at-scale project in Iraq. This project is implemented by UN-Habitat and The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HIIL), and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the Netherlands Enterprise & Development Agency (RVO). 

Reports & Research
January 2024

This study focuses on land fragmentation in Ethiopia, exploring its impact on agricultural productivity and rural development. It proposes strategies for addressing fragmentation through land consolidation. The study employs a robust methodology, including data collection and analysis of  data, along with a meta-analysis of existing reports and studies on land fragmentation.

January 2024

The Conservation Agriculture (CA) practices with increased acceptance across the globe are being considered as harbinger for sustainable intensification of smallholder production systems. Its positive impact on natural resources, and resilience to climate change effects are widely acknowledged.

January 2024

The evaluation function of the Independent Advisory and Evaluation Services (IAES), is executing the 2024 evaluations of the three Science Groups (SGs)—Systems Transformation (ST), Resilient Agrifood Systems (RAFS), and Genetic Innovation (GI).

MAD Proceedings, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, March 2023
Conference Papers & Reports
March 2023

The second Multi-Stakeholders Dialogue Forum (MSD 02) was held from 29 to 31 March 2022 in Bahir Dar city, the capital of the Amhara region.

January 2023

Ethiopia has the largest livestock population in Africa. According to a CSA (2021) livestock sample survey, the country possesses 70.3 million cattle, 42.9 million sheep, 52.5 million goats and 8.1 million camels.

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