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capacity development

capacity development

The process through which the ability of individuals and organizations to perform functions, solve problems and set and achieve sustainable objectives is developed and maintained over time

Source: UN Thesaurus

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Women’s Access to Land and Housing in Lesotho cover image
Reports & Research
July 2018

Women need secure access to and control of land in order to realise their human rights. In order for the women to realise their land and inheritance rights it is important for the policy makers to have in place mechanisms and institutions to guide practice. This report sets out the status of women’s land and inheritance rights in Lesotho.

Reports & Research
July 2018
Northern Africa
Eastern Africa
Southern Asia
Western Asia
Syrian Arab Republic

Widespread heat waves, floods, and droughts last year were a strong reminder of the threats posed by climate change. In the non-tropical dry areas where ICARDA works we are becoming accustomed to record high temperatures and increasing water scarcity year on year.

Journal Articles & Books
June 2018

Smallholder irrigation expansion would signi cantly increase agricultural production, and reduce food insecurity and poverty levels in East Africa. This paper reviews literature on trends, constraints and opportunities of smallholder irrigation in four East African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Institutional & promotional materials
June 2018

Zimbabwe and FAO have partnered in development since the country joined the Organization in 1981. Cooperation<p></p>has grown in recent years, with interventions ranging from capacity development at the institutional level as well as<p></p>for extension staff and farmers to the creation of market linkages and a conducive policy environment.

Training Resources & Tools
June 2018
South-Eastern Asia

This toolbox was designed to enable citizen-based monitoring of community forestry. These tools were developed using livelihoods monitoring framework due to its ability to holistically capture CF group's outputs. The information is categorized according to five livelihood capitals: natural, financial, physical, human and social.

Institutional & promotional materials
May 2018

Oman enjoys a dynamic partnership with FAO, which was strengthened in 2012 with the opening of the FAO country<p></p>representation. Cooperation has focused on sustainable development of the food, agriculture and fisheries sectors, while<p></p>ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.

May 2018

How does one build up an analysis? And how does one create the link between the individual partial-analyses

in a problem-oriented project work? These are the two main issues that this booklet gives an overview of.

This document is a presentation of a way in which an analysis, a sub-project and a project can be structured.

Líderes y Lideresas indígenas en la Amazonía Peruana Cover
Reports & Research
May 2018
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America

The native communities of San Martín and its representative organizations face innumerable challenges in relation to their lands and territory, environment, governance, identity, justice and physical integrity, among others.

Valuation of Unregistered Lands: A Policy Guide cover image
Manuals & Guidelines
May 2018

This guide aims to support the process of valuation of unregistered land and property for the public and private agencies that undertake this exercise. It will be relevant for policy makers, local authorities, international finance institutions, investors, property developers, banks, civil society organisations, citizens, land owners, local communities and women’s groups.

africa agriculture investment
Policy Papers & Briefs
May 2018

Research shows that land disputes are increasingly common, exposing businesses to severe risks at the project level. The problem is endemic and growing – companies want evidence-based approaches to address this new reality and understand their exposure to risk.

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