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Reports & Research
February 2023
Latin America and the Caribbean

El informe “Derechos Humanos y la relevancia de los derechos a la tierra y territorio en Argentina” fue presentado como contribución e inclusión de la agenda de Derechos a la Tierra al mecanismo de evaluación al Cuarto Ciclo del Examen Periódico Universal (EPU) donde Argentina fue evaluada por sus pares en enero 2023.

Land and Socio‐Economic Effects of the COVID‐19 Pandemic in Rural Kenya
Journal Articles & Books
October 2022

Following its outbreak in late 2019, the Coronavirus disease (COVID‐19) has been reported to have had devastating human health, health systems, and socioeconomic impacts across the globe.

Doing Business on Uneven Ground
Reports & Research
October 2022

Land is the bridge between companies’ environmental and social sustainability agendas, and it is foundational to both.

Journal Articles & Books
March 2022

La prise de contrôle de foncier agricole par des acteurs financiers suscite des controverses. Pour clarifier les enjeux associés à ce phénomène, le Centre d’études et de prospective a conduit une réflexion, associant plusieurs experts externes au ministère. Cette note présente les principaux enseignements de ce travail.

Rurality Crisis in Armenia
Reports & Research
March 2022

Armenia is a country that is very much characterized by agriculture – but Armenian rural life is marked by a deep crisis, as this current study shows.

Securing Women Land Rights - Transforming Power Relations
Institutional & promotional materials
March 2022
Burkina Faso
Côte d'Ivoire

This brochure provides an overview of the Gender Narrative of the Global Programme Responsible Land Policy (GPRLP) implemented by the German Development Cooperation Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. It lays out the programme's vision, motivation and approach to ensure equal life prospects for all genders.


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