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Those who works on or operates a farm.

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The sustainable management of natural resources, and particularly groundwater, presents a major challenge in arid regions to ensure security of water supply and support agricultural production. In many cases, the role of smallholder farmers is often neglected when managing irrigated water and land processes.

National Policies
Western Asia

The Vision of the Agriculture Development Strategy of Georgia is to create an environment that will increase agricultural competiveness, promote stable growth of high quality agricultural production, ensure food safety and security and eliminate rural poverty through the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas.The medium and long term main policy directions are outlined in Chapte


Please find links below to a recent Human Rights Watch report and video on the human rights impacts of coal mining in Mozambique. Our report shows that almost 60% of Tete province, site of large coal reserves, has been allocated for approved or proposed mining licenses.

South America

El presente Decreto Supremo aprueba la Estrategia Nacional de Lucha contra la Desertificación y la Sequía (ENLCDS), un instrumento de gestión multisectorial, de alcance nacional cuyo objetivo general es el de prevenir y reducir la desertificación, la degradación de la tierra y el impacto de la sequía en el territorio nacional, considerando un horizonte de planificación de 15 años (2016-2030).

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