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concession (land)

A concession is defined as the granting of a territory for its occupation and use.

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Northern Africa

La direction générale du recensement des biens publics au ministère des domaines de l'Etat et des affaires foncières procède à la tenue d'un registre dénommé "registre des droits réels grevant les constructions, ouvrages et équipements fixes édifiés dans le cadre des concessions".

Cape Verde
Western Africa

This Act establishes the general bases of the Agricultural Reform. The first part deals with a historical view of Cape Verdean life illustrating the different and traditional ways of exploiting agriculture, livestock and all other resources. The Act establishes the bases for the organization and accomplishment of the agricultural reform.

South-Eastern Asia

This Sub-Decree determines criteria, procedures, mechanisms and institutional arrangements for initiating and granting new economic land concessions.Economic land concessions may be granted only on land that has been registered and classified as state private land, that has adopted a land use plan, that has completed an environmental and social impact assessment, etc.

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