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concession (land)

A concession is defined as the granting of a territory for its occupation and use.

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Middle Africa

This Decree approves the General Regulation for Land Concession. This Regulation, consisting of 10 Chapters, specifies the general basis of the legal regime defined by Law No. 9/04. It establishes the legal framework for the concession of free lands within the Republic of Angola. It does not apply for private property lands, which will be regulated by the Civil Code.

South Africa
Southern Africa

This Act amends the Integrated Coastal Management Act, 2008 with respect to a wide variety of matters including composition coastal public property, access fees, purposes for which coastal public property is established, reclamation of land by public authorities for state infrastructure and other purposes, the declaration of state-owned land as coastal public property, establishment of coastal

South America

This Law amends several articles of the Programme on “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” dealing with the regularization of urban settlements. The amended articles deal with financial aspects, legal and administratives proceedings, sustainable urban projects authorization criteria, etc.

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