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customary land rights

Customary land rights refer to the enjoyment of some use of land that arises through customary, unwritten practice rather than through written codified law.

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GIZ (2019) Training manual for land governance practitioners in Teso Uganda
Training Resources & Tools
August 2019

The need to strengthen the capacity of CSOs, DLOs, ICU and partners working on land governance in Teso has become obvious if harmonisation of the customary and formal land management systems is to be realised. This is expected to enable a coordinated and systematic approach with one voice.

Catalyzing the Land Data Ecosystem
Conference Papers & Reports
July 2019
Eastern Africa
South Sudan

There is no doubt that the Global Data Revolution has reached the land sector. Government data portals, open access academic journals, community mapping initiatives and other citizen-generated data - there is a palpable positive drive across the world that allows processes such as data collection to be more inclusive and open.

Webinar Report: Land in Post-Conflict Settings
Reports & Research
June 2019

Post-war societies not only have to deal with continuing unpeaceful relations but also land-related conflict legacies, farmland and forest degradation, heavily exploited natural resources, land mines, a destroyed infrastructure, as well as returning refugees and ex-combatants.

Challenges and Opportunities of Community Land Dispensation in Kenya
Reports & Research
May 2019

The Community Land Act of 2016 provides a legal basis for protection, recognition and registration of community lands andhas provisions for management and administration of the land by the communities themselves. However, implementation of the act has been slower than anticipated. This is despite the current  heightened investment interests in community lands for mega development projects.

Forest Rights and Governance in India
Reports & Research
March 2019

The webinar on the Forest Rights and Governance in India took place on 30 January, 2018. The webinar discussed why has there been variation in the implementation of the Forest Rights Act and identified institutional bottlenecks to upscaling its implementation, as well as lessons learned from existing best practices.

Journal Articles & Books
January 2019
South America

A Amazônia brasileira é a região do planeta com maior número de comunidades nativas classificadas como isoladas. No Brasil de hoje, como nos demais países da região amazônica, assiste-se a uma proliferação crescente de relatos e imagens que dão notícia de povos indígenas em situação de isolamento.

Reports & Research
January 2019

Ce guide en image est le fruit des deux ateliers de Renforcement des capacités des Comités régionaux de transhumance qui ont réuni 110 participants (pasteurs/éleveurs, les gouvernorats, les conseils régionaux, les préfets, les maires, les chefs traditionnels, les services techniques régionaux et départementaux, les organisations de la société civile, ainsi que les représentants de projets et le

Customary Land Recognition in Zambia
Reports & Research
December 2018

From January 15 to February 6, 2018, the USAID’s Tenure and Global Climate Change Program and Land Portal Foundation co-facilitated a dialogue on experiences of documenting household and community-level customary rights in Zambia.

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