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local community

Local community is a traditional collectivity with a range of powers covering a certain geographical area and an autonomous management structure.

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Reports & Research
November 1992

The current SLORC Offensive and Displaced People
"From July 92. Karen men, women, children: Air-raids on civilian villages (20 civilians killed); precarious economic life of people hiding in jungle; children die of malnutrition; Saw Hta offensive; list of villages and numbers of the people displaced; economic oppression..."

Reports & Research
June 1992

Statement by Karenni refugees fleeing a SLORC ultimatum to all villagers in a large part of the State where the Karenni opposition is strong to leave their villages or die. Their statements describe some of the SLORC army’s activities in civilian villages of western Karenni...

Reports & Research
January 1988
Eastern Africa

This paper analyses briefly the reasons why enclosures of the rangelands is taking place, the short and long term impact on different groups, and the technical and environmental issues. Examples are given from Kenya and Somalia.

Journal Articles & Books
December 1985

The dynamics of land occupation in Conakry is approached from the angle of both the colonial authorities and the local dwellers. The former took upon themselves the power of allocating plots and strove to enforce a colonial urban pattern. The latter succeeded in partly appropriating the town in spite of the minutiae of the law.

Reports & Research
November 1942

CHAPTER VII. Land Tenure:
"Salient differences between tenures in autocratic and democratic
groups rights and claims in autocratic group of chief, headman,
specialists, the whole community, the individual resident
and the individual cultivator the principles governing these rights
and claims the rights and principles of tenure in democratic group

Reports & Research

This report gives quantitative evidence in support of claims that there has been a large influx of Shans arriving
into northern Thailand during the past 6 years who are genuine refugees fleeing persecution and not simply
migrant workers. This data was based on interviews with 66,868 Shans arriving in Fang District of northern

Journal Articles & Books

This article presents the deficiencies of the legal system in relation to resettlement of communities as an exceptional measure of climate change adaptation and protection of human rights.

Reports & Research

... The Free Burma Rangers is an organization dedicated to freedom for the people of Burma. "De Oppresso Liber" is the motto of the Free Burma Rangers and we are dedicated in faith to the establishment of liberty, justice, equal rights and peace for all the people of Burma.

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