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agrarian structure

The complex of relationships involving land tenure, production, supporting services and rural institutions. Source: UNBIS Thesaurus, 2009

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September 2014

This Africa's pulse newsletter
includes the following headings: Sub-Saharan African
countries continue to grow at a steady pace; the
region's decade-long economic expansion appears
sustainable; and for newly resource-rich countries, strong

July 2014

The World Bank's revised forest
policy came into being in 2002 and covers all types of
forests. It has the following key objectives: (i) harnessing
the potential of forests to reduce poverty in a sustainable
manner; (ii) integrating forests effectively into

Journal Articles & Books
June 2014

A agricultura familiar em Moçambique constitui a actividade económica que ocupa grande parte da população, podendo alcançar mais de 75% dos cidadãos.

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Reports & Research
May 2014

The main objective of this study was to assess the impacts of biofuel investments in local livelihood systems and local economy in Tanzania.

March 2014

This paper uses farm panel data from
Indonesia to examine dynamic patterns of land use, capital
investments, and wages in agriculture. The empirical
analysis shows that an increase in real wages has induced
the substitution of labor by machines among relatively large

OXFAM Brasil - Tuca Vieira
Reports & Research
March 2014
South America
A presente pesquisa tem por objetivo investigar as mudanças recentes no espaço agrário da fronteira Brasil-Uruguai, mais precisamente no que diz respeito à questão agrária e camponesa.
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Journal Articles & Books
January 2014

Property taxation has a long history of implementation in Dar es Salaam; yet Local Government Authorities (LGAs) ability to raise revenue through property tax has remained low. This article examines various initiatives by the government to develop a functional property tax system capable of generating sufficient revenue for the LGAs.

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Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2013

In northern Tanzania, new grassroots groups called Women’s Rights and Leadership Forums (WRLFs) are mobilizing women and men in pastoralist communities to promote and defend local land rights.

Negotiating Access to Land in Nepal
Peer-reviewed publication
December 2013

In a rural agrarian economy like that of Nepal, land has traditionally been a primary source of livelihood and security, as well as a symbol of status. Thousands of poor farmers are completely dependent on land for their livelihoods, yet not all of them have access to or control over this fundamental resource. Negotiation for access to land has been a lengthy and complicated process.

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