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Peer-reviewed publication
December 2020
United States of America

Coupled with rapid urbanization and urban expansion, the spatial relationship between transportation development and land use has gained growing interest among researchers and policy makers.

Peer-reviewed publication
March 2019
South Africa
Southern Africa

Intensive land use activities worldwide have caused considerable loss to many ecosystem services. The dynamics of these threats must be quickly investigated to ensure timely update of management strategies and policies.

Sustainable land management and land restoration
Training Resources & Tools
March 2019

FAO is pleased to announce the e-learning course on “Sustainable Land Management and Land Restoration”, which has been developed in collaboration with CIHEAM-Bari, WOCAT, ELD and University of Leeds.

Predicting Land Use Changes in Philadelphia Following Green Infrastructure Policies cover image
Peer-reviewed publication
February 2019
United States of America

Urbanization is a rapid global trend, leading to consequences such as urban heat islands and local flooding. Imminent climate change is predicted to intensify these consequences, forcing cities to rethink common infrastructure practices.

What Awaits Myanmar’s Uplands Farmers? Lessons Learned from Mainland Southeast Asia cover image
Peer-reviewed publication
February 2019

Mainland Southeast Asia (MSA) has seen sweeping upland land use changes in the past decades, with transition from primarily subsistence shifting cultivation to annual commodity cropping. This transition holds implications for local upland communities and ecosystems. Due to its particular political regime, Myanmar is at the tail of this development.

Conference Papers & Reports
January 2019

La agenda de la Madre Tierra está en el centro del debate nacional e internacional no solo porque es un planeamiento fundamental de la Constitución sino porque el mundo se enfrenta al reto de evitar la destrucción del planeta.

Reports & Research
July 2018
Middle Africa

Date: 25 novembre 2019

Source: FarmlandgrabGreenpeace

Par: Tal Harris

L’enquête de Greenpeace met en lumière les violations des droits humains par Halcyon Agri.

Addressing the impact of large-scale oil palm plantations on orangutan conservation in Borneo: A spatial, legal and political economy analysis cover image
Journal Articles & Books
July 2017

Palm oil is one of the most controversial yet ubiquitous agricultural commodities in the world, used in everyday products ranging from cooking oil and chocolate to toothpaste and soap. Over the past few decades, the palm oil industry has contributed significantly to the economic development of Indonesia and Malaysia, which together produce an estimated 85 to 90 per cent of global supply.

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