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forest management plans

A document describing the manner in which commercial forestry will be carried out, and which may specify optimum harvest rates, means of minimizing environmental impacts, measures to ensure the health and safety of workers, and processes to accommodate interests of local communities.



Guide to Forestry Contracts - Understanding Key Provisions (Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) and International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP))

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January 2017

These Regulations reform the law in Ghana with respect to the granting of timber rights and related matters.

Reports & Research
January 2017

In collaboration with the University of Riau, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has established permanent plots in Tanjung Leban village, Bengkalis regency, Riau province. The site, which is owned by the local community, is about 50 km east of the city of Dumai and easily accessed by car.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2016

Vietnam has pilot-tested a payment for forest environmental services (PFES) program in an effort to restore and protect forest areas, some of which have been severely degraded by the excessive cutting of trees by small-scale farmers planting annual crops on steep, sloping lands.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2016

In 2014 the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing took effect and is being implemented by countries. This is important for fair and equitable sharing of benefits derived from genetic resources. However, scientists are concerned about its effect on non-commercial research, which has scientific, societal and environmental benefits beyond commercial gains.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2016

Land-use and land-cover changes are driving unprecedented changes in ecosystems and environmental processes at different scales. This study was aimed at identifying the potential land-use drivers in the Jedeb catchment of the Abbay basin by combining statistical analysis, field investigation and remote sensing.

December 2016

Indigenous authorities, representatives of the Council of older people and children are the main protagonists of the documentary “Indigenous territory of Lomerío: from shelter to indigenous autonomy”, that reflects the whole process of a successful and emblematic collective access to land by the Chiquitano people in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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