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forest management plans

A document describing the manner in which commercial forestry will be carried out, and which may specify optimum harvest rates, means of minimizing environmental impacts, measures to ensure the health and safety of workers, and processes to accommodate interests of local communities.



Guide to Forestry Contracts - Understanding Key Provisions (Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) and International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP))

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Trinidad and Tobago

This Act prohibits the unlawful trespass upon private land and in particular on cultivated and forest lands. the Act also grants certain powers to the owner of a land upon which an unlawful trespass has taken place and grants certain powers to enforcement officers.

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Si la reflexión requiere funtamentarse en la propuesta metodológica esbozada en el ensayo sobre la cuestión regional es indudable provocar respuestas a dos problemas centrales: uno, referido a las condiciones en las cuales la amazonia se destruye o redefine en cuanto espacio regional tradicional en el proceso de integración; y dos, el problema de las condiciones en las cuales se dinamiza este p

Western Asia

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Producer Association shall carry out state control in conformity with the Forest Code.

Western Africa

This Act makes provision, in 22 Chapters, for the management and conservation of forest resources of Liberia, defines ownership rights and other rights in forests, provides for the protection of the environment and wildlife in forests, regulates the trade in forest products and provides for various other matters relative to forestry and wildlife.Chapter 2 defines rights in forest resources in L

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