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Reports & Research
December 2014

This report provides background on Cambodia's legal framework, as well as data on the granting of social land concessions, reclassification of land, the land titling program, and land disputes. Dispute resolution mechanisms are also discussed.

Institutional & promotional materials
December 2014

A statement by LICADHO detailing the number of people affected by state-involved land conflicts in Cambodia, and providing recommendations to the Cambodian Government. The statement was published to accompany a map showing distribution of the land conflicts. Available in English and Khmer.

Reports & Research
December 2014

The report of a project exploring human security and land rights in Cambodia. The project used a human security framework to address two questions: (1) What kind of insecurities do people in areas with land disputes have, and who is most insecure? (2) What provides people with security, and how does land policy relate to other sources of security over land?

August 2014

Even though it is widely recognized that
giving farmers more secure land rights may increase
agricultural investment, scholars contend that, in the case
of China, such a policy might undermine the function of land
as a social safety net and, as a consequence, not be

June 2014

The goal of this report is to take stock
of the existing evidence on the impact of the Comprehensive
Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) on poverty, to examine the
current challenges that an extension of CARP would face, and
to suggest directions toward achieving progress on land

May 2014

The authors use data from Ethiopia to
empirically assess determinants of participation in land
rental markets, compare these to those of administrative
land reallocation, and make inferences on the likely impact
of households' expectations regarding future

May 2014

The extent to which households should be
allowed to transfer their land rights in post-socialist
transition economies is of considerable policy interest. The
authors use data from Vietnam, a transition country that
allows rental and sales of land use rights, to identify

April 2014

The authors examine the impact of land
reform in Vietnam which gives households the power to
exchange, transfer, lease, inherit, and mortgage their
land-use rights. The authors expect this change to increase
the incentives as well as the ability to undertake long-term

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