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May 2017

The push to turn commercial large-scale agricultural into a driving engine of the Zambian economy, in a situation where the protection of access to land is weak, can risk pushing small-holder farmers and peasants off their land and out of production with severe impacts on the people’s right to food,” Ms. Elver said at the end of her first official visit to the country

March 2017

The 55.3 hectares of land from forest cover 2002 located in Chek Dei village, Andoung Trabek commune, Romeas Hek district, Svay Rieng province was privatized for social land concession to allocate to families of military and police.

Journal Articles & Books
March 2017

Women face many problems with regard to land inheritance and land rights in Kenya. Individual and community land ownership do not favour women. The reason for this is that ownership of land is patrilineal, which means that fathers share land amongst sons, while excluding daughters.

Reports & Research
February 2017
South Africa

In South Africa, policies of separate development and restrictions placed on capital expenditure imposed on the lands occupied by the indigenous people during the colonial era prevented the state from implementing the cadastre in the communal areas of the country.

January 2017

This Act amends the Village Fono Act by inserting a new section 2A stating the objects of the Act and by inserting provisions and amending other provisions on the registration and administration of villages and the limitation of jurisdiction of Village Fono (in particular in respect of Government, freehold or leasehold land located within village land).

January 2017

This Act amends the Lands Acquisition Act in the Long Title and in provisions concerning, among other things, the power of the Minister to acquire land for public utility and relating preliminary investigation and other procedures, (assessment of) appropriate compensation, criteria for assessment of compensation, and the power of court (defined in this Act) to issue an ejectment order in additi

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