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sustainable development

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Institutional & promotional materials
September 2018
Sri Lanka

Pendant des siècles, les agriculteurs, éleveurs, pêcheurs et sylviculteurs ont développé des systèmes agricoles diversifiés, adaptés à leurs conditions locales, en employant des techniques et des pratiques ingénieuses, éprouvées au fil du temps, afin de fournir un ensemble vital de services sociaux, culturels, écologiques et économiques à l'humanité.

Peer-reviewed publication
September 2018

A functioning land administration sector is the foundation for economic growth. Unfortunately, effective land registry and cadastral systems with national coverage exist in only a fraction of the world’s countries.

Reports & Research
September 2018

Tourism in the Lake Eyasi - Mangola area:

•Main attraction: Hadza hunting(and gathering)

•Secondaryattractions: Datogapastoralistlifestyle, Datogablacksmith, Lake Eyasi, landscape, onionfarms

•Most tour operatorsbringclients on daytrips

•4 high end lodges, 5 campsites

•High season300 groups per month, lowseason150 groups (2017)

Institutional & promotional materials
August 2018
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines joined FAO in 1981. Early assistance was delivered through a range of interventions focusing on capacity building, policy formulation, agricultural planning and legislation development. More recently, interventions have addressed food security programmes, technology transfer for improved production and strengthening of market infrastructure.

Policy Papers & Briefs
August 2018

Many forest landscape projects around the world do not address gender gaps sufficiently. As a result, interventions may lead to outcomes that are not only inequitable, but also unsustainable.

Policy Papers & Briefs
August 2018

Although Tanzania looks back onto a long history of land degradation, it has seen significant restoration efforts even before the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR 100) was launched.

Policy Papers & Briefs
August 2018

The Mau Forest Complex forms the largest closed canopy forest ecosystem in Kenya and is an asset of great national and regional importance. The complex supports a wide range of environmental services crucial for the socioeconomic development of the region.

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