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Different types of farming and methods of cultivation, e.g. shifting cultivation systems, ley systems, systems with permanent upland cultivation, fallow systems, grazing systems and systems with perennial crops.

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Rural producer agency and agricultural value chains: What role for socio-legal empowerment?
Reports & Research
February 2019

Growing numbers of policies and programmes aim to integrate small-scale rural producers into agricultural value chains.

Institutional & promotional materials
January 2019
Dominican Republic

Long before opening a country office in Santo Domingo in 1979, FAO provided technical and financial assistance to the Dominican Republic to boost development of its agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors.

Farm Restructuring in Uzbekistan: How Did It Go and What is Next?
Reports & Research
January 2019

In January 2019, Uzbekistan started a new farm restructuring1. It is said to seek to optimize the use of farmland by increasing the size of farms producing wheat and cotton, reallocating land to more efficient farmers and even clusters, and improving crop rotation options. This is not the first time that this kind of farm restructuring in Uzbekistan takes place.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2018

Land degradation is a major challenge limiting crop production in Ethiopia. Integrated soil and water conservation is widely applied as a means to reverse the trend and increase productivity. This study investigated the effects of such integrated approaches at two sites, Jeldu and Diga, in Western Ethiopia.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2018

There has been a trend to encourage organic agriculture in response to improve global food security. This article investigated how organic agriculture contributed to food security of small land holders experiencing organic agriculture.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2018
Western Africa

Soil and water conservation (SWC) practices like that of erosion control and soil fertility measures were commonly practiced in the semiarid region of southern Mali since the 1980s. The SWC practices were mainly meant to increase water availability in the subsurface, reduce farm water runoff and gully formation and improve nutrient content of the soil, thereby increasing crop yield.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2018

Land cover data is widely used for the design and monitoring of land use policies despite the incapability of this type of data to represent multiple land uses and land management activities within the same landscape. In this study, we operationalized the concept of land systems for the case of the Lao PDR (Laos).

Reports & Research
December 2018

WEB INTRODUCTION: The literature on agricultural large-scale land acquisition in Myanmar is rather fragmented and consists mainly of case studies. While these provide key insights into particular stories, they often fail to identify the main patterns and trends at country level.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2018
Southern Asia

This study investigates the impact of contract farming (CF) in baby corn production on yield, irrigation costs, fertilizer costs and usage of chemical fertilizer. We find that adoption of CF by baby corn smallholders, after controlling for characteristics of both control and treatment groups, leads to higher yields and lower spending on fertilizers and irrigation.

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