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Different types of farming and methods of cultivation, e.g. shifting cultivation systems, ley systems, systems with permanent upland cultivation, fallow systems, grazing systems and systems with perennial crops.

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Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2018
Southern Asia

This study investigates the impact of contract farming (CF) in baby corn production on yield, irrigation costs, fertilizer costs and usage of chemical fertilizer. We find that adoption of CF by baby corn smallholders, after controlling for characteristics of both control and treatment groups, leads to higher yields and lower spending on fertilizers and irrigation.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2018

The research provides a holistic overview of the key changes that affected Northern Chin society from pre-colonial times up to now in villages close to Hakha town where State penetration was stronger than in more remote

Journal Articles & Books
December 2018

Land use decision making is influenced by various factors including tenure security, natural disasters and farm characteristics. Smallholder farmers operate under different land tenure systems, which influences their crop combinations.

The Cambodian peasantry and the formalisation of land rights : Historical overview and current issues
Reports & Research
December 2018

The central objective of this working paper produced by Jean-Christophe Diepart and Thol Sem, is to examine the recognition and formalisation of peasants’ land rights against the backdrop of Cambodian history and political economy of land and agrarian change.

Journal Articles & Books
November 2018
Burkina Faso
Western Africa

This Atlas summarizes recent advances in interdisciplinary approaches and research to address the different components of West African urban food systems, including urban and peri-urban agriculture.

Reports & Research
October 2018
Eastern Africa

Send a Cow (SAC) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that has been working in Kenya since 1996. It focuses on groups of smallholder farmers, providing them with training in sustainable agriculture and improved animal management. SAC is mostly active in western Kenya, one of the country's most populated and poorest region.

Institutional & promotional materials
October 2018

قامت منظمة الأغذية والزراعة بوضع " نُظُم التراث الزراعي ذات الأهمية العالمية" للمساعدة في صون نُظُم الزراعة التقليدية البارزة وإدارتها إدارة متكيفة.

Reports & Research
October 2018

Investment in land administration projects is often considered key for agricultural productivity and rural development in developing countries. But the evidence on such interventions is remarkably mixed.

Institutional & promotional materials
September 2018
Sri Lanka

Durante siglos, los agricultores, pastores, pescadores y silvicultores han desarrollado sistemas agrícolas diversos y adaptados localmente, y los han gestionado con técnicas y prácticas ingeniosas que han perfeccionado con el paso de los años. Han sido los responsables de aportar a la humanidad una combinación esencial de servicios sociales, culturales, ecológicos y económicos.

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