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Different types of farming and methods of cultivation, e.g. shifting cultivation systems, ley systems, systems with permanent upland cultivation, fallow systems, grazing systems and systems with perennial crops.

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Institutional & promotional materials
September 2018
Sri Lanka

Pendant des siècles, les agriculteurs, éleveurs, pêcheurs et sylviculteurs ont développé des systèmes agricoles diversifiés, adaptés à leurs conditions locales, en employant des techniques et des pratiques ingénieuses, éprouvées au fil du temps, afin de fournir un ensemble vital de services sociaux, culturels, écologiques et économiques à l'humanité.

Climate Risk Profile Uzbekistan
Reports & Research
August 2018

This profile provides an overview of climate risk issues in Uzbekistan, including how climate change will potentially impact five key sectors in the country: agriculture, water, tourism, ecosystems, human health, and infrastructure. The brief also includes an overview of historical and future climate trends in Uzbekistan, the policy context outlining existing climate risk strategies and plans d

Reports & Research
July 2018
Eastern Africa
Southern Africa

Widespread land degradation has serious negative ecological, social, and economic consequences. This is particularly true for smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa, which are crucial for the livelihoods of the majority of the population and the national economies. Sustainable land management (SLM) is seen as the best way to combat or even reverse land degradation.

Reports & Research
May 2018

El objetivo principal del estudio es describir el escenario actual y contribuir a articular una posición común para el desarrollo de la juventud en el ámbito de la agricultura familiar. Por ello, las conclusiones planteadas se trasladaran al trabajo de incidencia política sobre juventud de la campaña AIAF+10.

The Necessity for Open Data on land and property rights
Policy Papers & Briefs
April 2018

Data and information on land are fundamental for enabling smallholder farmers to gain secure access and control over their land, which provides the basis for investing in their operations.
This briefing paper outlines the importance and benefits of increasing the availability and accessibility of land information in support of improved food security and nutrition.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2017
Western Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

Health-related incentives to reward effort or commitment are commonplace in many professional contracts throughout the world. Typically absent from small-scale agriculture in poor countries, such incentives may help overcome both health issues for remote rural families and supply issues for firms.

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