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housing rights

housing rights
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March 2016

Participatory And Inclusive Land Readjustment: A Pro-Poor Land Management Strategy For City Redevelopment. The Case Of Medellin, Colombia

Ministerial Policy Statement
Legislation & Policies
February 2016

The Ministerial Policy Statement is structured by Vote, as follows:

• Staff Establishment Structure Provides details of approved staff structure for each programme and project (including names of staff and vacant posts).

This is clearly demonstrated in the form of an organogram.

January 2016

This paper estimates slum residents
willingness to pay for formalized land tenure in Pune,
India. In so doing, it offers evidence that the legal
assurance of slum residents occupancy of their lands could
benefit them. Previous studies have discussed legal and

Reports & Research
January 2016

Inequalities are linked with poverty and sustainable development, and have patently hindered development and stalled progress. Acting together, these inequalities further entrench the deprivation suffered by certain groups and individuals and manifest themselves clearly in the way space is used.

December 2015

This document provides the focus for an integrated approach to research in the land, livelihoods and housing sectors in Namibia. Its thematic approach seeks to facilitate multi-disciplinary research projects that will reflect the wide range of skills existing in the School of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences (SNRSS) at the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN).

Country Profiles on Housing and Land Management: Uzbekistan
Reports & Research
December 2015

This Country Profile on Uzbekistan is the eighteenth in the series. The country profile programme continues to focus on specific challenges or achievements in the housing and land management sectors that are particularly relevant to the country under review.

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