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November 2019

A new wave of agricultural commercialisation is being promoted across Africa’s eastern seaboard;by a broad range of influential actors – from international corporations to domestic political and business elites.

Uzbekistan: Country Partnership Strategy (2019-2023)
Reports & Research
May 2019

Uzbekistan has embarked on significant reforms since early 2017, aiming to improve the lives of ordinary citizens, enable business development, and open up to neighbors. The scale of changes is unprecedented. The new government aspires to modernize the country and to move it toward upper middle-income status.

Compulsory Land Acquisition in Afghanistan: Does the Law Meet World Bank Standards on Involuntary Resettlement?
Reports & Research
May 2019

This paper examines how far Afghanistan’s Land Acquisition Law complies with standards required for World Bank financing of public interest projects that unavoidably extinguish or diminish existing land rights in the project area. For this purpose, the law was compared with standards laid down in World Bank ESS5 on Involuntary Settlement.

Food security and the functioning of wheat markets in Eurasia
Peer-reviewed publication
May 2019
Central Asia

We investigated wheat price relationships between the import-dependent countries in Central Asia and the South Caucasus and the Black Sea wheat exporters to assess wheat market efficiency. This is crucial for ensuring availability and access to wheat and for reducing food insecurity.

New research about gender, land and mining in Mongolia: deepening understanding of coping strategies
Conference Papers & Reports
March 2019

This paper shares findings from new research on gender and land in a pastoralist community in central- western Mongolia, with a complex structure of investment and operations in gold mining.

Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
Reports & Research
January 2019

This guide has been produced by the Interlaken Group. The Interlaken Group is a multi-stakeholder forum composed of representatives from companies, investors, international organizations, and civil society groups.

Reports & Research
November 2018

Defenders of Indigenous land in Malaysia are targeted, singled out and face opposition from state authorities and private individuals when they speak up. These abuses have further disenfranchised Indigenous communities in Malaysia, marginalising them socially and harming them economically.

Journal Articles & Books
March 2018

textabstractChina tends to be a dominant figure in the literature on global land grabbing. It is either cast as a major land grabber in distant places such as Africa, or as a key player in crop booms elsewhere because it provides for massive market demand, such as for soya from South America. These are all important issues and are well covered in the literature.

Knowledge into action
Manuals & Guidelines
March 2018

This note is part of an Action Notes series and provides examples of tools that government agencies can adapt to their national context and use to develop the technical capacity to screen and select investors.

Journal Articles & Books
January 2018
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America
É com enorme satisfação que apresentamos o resultado dos trabalhos do III SEMINÁRIO INTERNACIONAL DE GOVERNANÇA DE TERRAS E DESENVOLVIMENTO ECONÔMICO: REGULARIZAÇÃO FUNDIÁRIA, evento realizado entre os dias, 7, 8 e 9 de junho de 2017, no anfiteatro do Instituto de Economia da Unicamp.

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