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December 1983
Sub-Saharan Africa

Presents a collection of conference papers defining pastoral systems research; the survey and diagnostic phase of pastoral systems research; ILCA's experience in remote sensing techniques and aerial surveys; survey of vegetation resources; livestock productivity and animal nutrition; pastoral production strategies, wealth effects, household studies, and labour data collection as well as li

Sub-Saharan Africa

Water, food and energy are fundamental to African development. However, several crucial issues need to be addressed. Are African resources used to meet African needs or are they being exploited to satisfy the needs of other actors facing food and energy insecurity?

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sri Lankan based International Water Management Institute (IWMI) has produced this report assessing the need and effectiveness of agricultural water storage (AWS) in Africa, in the context of climate change risks.

Journal Articles & Books
Sub-Saharan Africa

Hardest hit by desertification is Sub-Saharan Africa, where poverty is more widespread, preparedness for catastrophe is lower, and means for adequately coping with the phenomenon are very weak; two thirds of the arable land will be lost by 2025.The subcontinent needs improved integrated initiatives on local, national und multinational level for a sustainable natural resources management.

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