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April 2019
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Nowadays, the issue of land plot selection for linear facilities is relevant because of high land load rate world-wide. The given research into establishing a rationale for linear facilities location focuses on the determination of an optimum alternative. The method used is based on the expert analytic hierarchy process to improve the economic, technical and ecological justification of projects of land allocation for linear facilities of utility equipment. The method was applied in order to select a land plot for a gas pipeline. A number of factors have been proven to be crucial for decision-making, such as negative impact on agricultural activities, area and type of agricultural land, straightness of gas pipeline, construction costs, area of land with restricted use regime and to-be-reclaimed zones. A case study of land allocation for gas pipeline illustrates the solution of the task to find the most appropriate plot of land.

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Elena, Bykowa
Gennadyevna, I. Gerasimova


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