How Government’s Policy Implementation Methods Influence Urban Villagers’ Acceptance of Urban Revitalization Programs: Evidence from China | Land Portal

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March 2020
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This study aims to provide new knowledge for the governments to enact more effective policies to proceed housing redevelopment programs. We conducted a survey on local urban villagers in Hangzhou city of China. Overall, our results provide valuable theoretical and practical implications for sustainable urban development. Firstly, we found that more reasonable compensation and more respecting justice and democracy during redevelopment implementation increases people’s acceptance of government’s housing redevelopment program. Secondly, we demonstrated that experiences from social learning, such as government–homeowner conflicts and quality of living of other homeowners who have experienced similar programs, and people’s own historical housing redevelopment experience, significantly influence their acceptance of the program. Thirdly, if the governments ensure more justice and democracy, it largely enhances effectiveness of compensation in promoting people’s acceptance of the housing redevelopment programs.

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Jin, Xizan
Chin, Tachia
Yu, Junli
Zhang, Yanjiang
Shi, Yingshuang


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