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April 2016
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The first changes of drained peat soils on the territory of the Republic of Belarus appeared after hydro technical amelioration in 60-70s of XX century. Nowadays the process of transformation of component composition of soil cover of old-reclaimed soils and increase of degradation of peat soil is going on. The paper demonstrates the results of systematization and generalization of the materials appropriate to the completion of soil-cartographic works on the drained and adjacent lands of agricultural organizations of the republic. Presented is the new information about the existence of peat and degraded peat soils ranged at the species level of classification as a part of agricultural lands, and conducted is the analysis of spatial-time transformation of the component composition of drained organic soils between two rounds of the soil survey (1986–1998 and 2005–2015). Evaluation of the component composition of the soils according the regions of the republic has been presented. Сhanges of the specific weight of the peat and degraded peat soils during the period between two stages of soil surveying have been outlined. Dynamic pattern of soil transformation during the analyzed period has been displayed.

Приведены результаты систематизации и обобщения материалов подходящих к завершению корректировочных почвенно-картографических работ на осушенных и прилегающих к ним землях сельскохозяйственных организаций страны. Представлена новая современная информация о реальном наличии торфяных и дегроторфяных почв, ранжированных на видовом уровне классификации, в составе сельскохозяйственных земель и проведен анализ пространственно-временной трансформации компонентного состава осушенных органогенных почв между двумя турами почвенного обследования (1986–1998 и 2005–2015 гг.).

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