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May 2019
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Twenty years of

legal struggle to

obtain ownership

of public ‘khas’

land In 1994, the landless villagers of Rajarampur in Dinajpur

district, Bangladesh, applied for access to public ‘khas’

land (government owned land available for allocation

according to government priorities) that had been lying

fallow for years. In 1995 they occupied 115 acres of this

fallow land. The occupation was contested by local elites,

who filed false claims of ownership. After 20 years of legal

struggle and resistance against the local elites, the

villagers obtained in 2012 confirmation from the court

that the occupied land was public ‘khas’ land and received

formal ownership titles for 52.44 acres.

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Community Development Association (CDA) is a highly secular, non-partisan-non-Government Development Organization (NGDO) established in the year 1985-1986 in North Western Part of  Bangladesh CDA gradually has been shifted its strategic position from charity to a Right based Organization now facilitating among the poorest, landless and marginal farmers along with the plain land indigenous people (IP) including the differently able men, women &youth with a view to empower, ensure and secure access to land Rights from its inception.

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