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January 2004
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This report presents an analysis of the synergies between environmental policies and the development of comprehensive environmental projects. More specifically, the report aims to comprehend how climate change, sustainable land use, biodiversity conservation, and water management considerations can be linked in order to help local communities and organisations, to develop and strengthen comprehensive environmental projects.The report discusses the possibilities of linking local projects and needs with international environmental conventions in order to improve the design of strategies by NGO's and community based organisations (CBOs).Section two of the report presents an analysis of the Rio Conventions, in order to identify the linkages and overlaps between different instruments. The section also looks at funding availability and the role of different actors during international negotiations.Section three presents the results of a consultation process held with a total of 32 organisations on the additional benefits that their projects can generate to diminish or even solve environmental stresses. In order to link the discussions at international level with in-field realities, the section presents several obstacles that NGO's and CBO's have to confront when implementing their projects or strategies. Consequently, section four is devoted to the solutions or tools accessible to NGO's and CBO's in order to overcome these obstacles.Special attention is devoted throughout the report to considerations regarding adaptation to climate change. In-field projects, the report notes, are already being exposed to changes in climatic patterns, and some NGO's or CBO's are either analysing how to adapt to the present circumstances, or considering if their projects can improve resilience to climate change. The intention of the report, is to present some initial steps towards a broader discussion on how in-field experiences can help guide discussions at international level, in order to obtain better guidelines and funding mechanisms to implement adaptation projects.

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A. V. R. Blanco

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